Frequently Asked Questions

CHILDREN – As a member of Sally King Casting, your child will be suggested for any supporting and featured roles in Film, TV, Theatre and Commercials, for which they match the brief. Simply click ‘apply’ and fill in the application form. A private profile will then be created for your child, of which only we as agents and you as parents have full access to. This should be completed fully with all the information we need to cast and pay your child, including contact details, recent photo, measurements, skills, performance licensing documents and child’s bank details (this cannot be a parents account). Once you have applied, you just need to update your child’s profile on a regular basis. Please ignore the questions aimed at adults such as National Insurance Number. We review new applications every three months and if accepted you will then be given further information.

We also offer representation and management to a select group of child clients. Some jobs (mainly cast roles) are only advertised on what is known as the ‘Spotlight’ directory and is another way for us to promote young performers for casting opportunities. Those accepted for ‘Spotlight’ representation with us tend to be performers that are particularly suited to the type of castings that come through the directory – mainly those aged 4-13 years & 16-20 years – for more information on how to apply for representation through Spotlight with us, please email

ADULTS – We offer representation and management to a select group of adults. Clients must have graduated with a minimum of a year’s professional training from a full-time accredited drama school or university course or have at least four professional credits. Spotlight membership is also essential. Applications, CVs and showcase invitations should be sent to


1)  We will receive a ‘brief’ outlining the nature of the role(s)

2)  We will select specific suitable clients suited to this role(s)

3)  We will then carry out an ‘availability check’ on suitable clients – please note that at this stage this does not mean a role has been confirmed, we are simply checking AVAILABILITY

4) We will then confirm available clients to the Casting Director/Production Company

5a) For supporting artiste work we will then usually receive confirmation from the production as to which clients they wish to use and we will confirm this as a booking via POP. If not selected you will receive a ‘release’ message.

5b) For Cast/Lead roles there will usually be a casting – we will confirm audition dates/times if selected to attend

6)  We will then notify the client if selected and confirm attendance

Although every effort will always be made by the Sally King Team to submit clients for every suitable brief they match – this is an ever increasing competitive industry, and there is never any guarantee you will be called in for a casting or secure work.

Once confirmed for a job there are several things that may happen –

1) All children in school year 11 and below are required by law to have a child performance license – this is why it is essential that the documents (birth certificate, part 2 and medical declaration) are kept up to date on your child’s profile. We will apply for the licence, but without these documents being up to date your child could miss out. The turnaround with licences can take between 5-20 working days depending on your child’s education authority.

2) Some jobs may involve a compulsory costume fitting before the day of the shoot – please consider this when accepting a role for your child and make sure your child’s measurements are up to date.

3) It is extremely important that once selected you do not cut or alter your child’s hair in any way.

4) For cast/lead roles, parents/clients will usually be required to sign a contract and we will negotiate this on your behalf.

5) Once all of the above have been sorted, you will generally not hear from us until the day before the shoot – call times, location and any other details are generally not given out until the afternoon/evening before the shoot – this is the way the industry works and we have no control over this. As soon as we have the information we will then contact you via our automated check in system.

1)  We agree to represent clients on the basis of SOLE agency representation (excluding modelling and voice over)

2) Current rates of commission are

CHILDREN – 15% on Theatre productions, 22.5% on Film, Television, Commercials and Print media.

ADULTS – 12.5% on Theatre productions, 15% on Film, Television, Commercials and Print media.

3)  Parents understand that they must be committed to transporting their child to castings/the designated pick up point in/around London

4)  Client’s will keep their profile, CV and availability up to date on a regular basis

5)  Parents are not permitted to look after their children on set and will be cared for by one of our trained, Enhanced DBS checked, experienced, professional chaperones.

A letter of agreement outlining further agency terms will be provided to those listed on Spotlight and registered with us for representation with Sally King Management

There is no cost to join the agency. However there is a yearly administration cost of £55 plus VAT (£66 in total). This fee is in line with many other child agencies and BIS regulations. The fee must be paid by 31st January each year in order for your child to be suggested for briefs for that year. Any new applications will be charged pro rata.

PLEASE NOTE – the administration fee is only applicable to clients aged 2 to 19 years of age.

Children are constantly changing and with the advent of technology and, in particular, smartphones, up to the minute photographs are now being requested by directors in place of professional shots for supporting and smaller roles. All we require is a head and shoulders shot and full length shot, of just the child, against a plain background with good lighting – please do not spend lots of money on these as more often than not, we are asked to provide up to date ‘selfies’!

If your child is accepted for Spotlight representation through us for lead roles, then you will need to pay an online subscription (currently £100) to join their database. A professional photo shoot is also recommended, but again please do not spend lots of money on this.

We also run regular (optional) TV/Film workshops with industry professionals of which there is a cost involved, but these provide the children with excellent and invaluable skills to apply to castings and work within the industry.


SALLY KING (Director and Crowd Casting) –


RACHAEL FULLERTON (Licensing Department ONLY)